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Since its inception in 1997, Floor style has been in the forefront of offering quality products to the clientele. Lead by Mr. Prem Kumar J. P, the company consists of professional and experienced staffs with commitment to quality and excellent service.

The company has been a leader in the field of flooring requirements in Kerala from its inception in 1997. The exhaustive range of flooring materials to suit every need of the customers has been our trademark. With collections of world famous branded products, we cater to a wide variety of clientele and expose you to the magnificent and affordable flooring possibilities available. Our product range comprehensively consists of products and services that suite all your flooring needs.

Here, you can search this website to know more about our products and services! Select the ideal flooring option for you. Enjoy shopping!

Company overview

Business Established
21 december 1997

12 december 2002

NEW launch of Cera Glow
21 december 2016

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