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Hospital flooring

Hospital Flooring – Health care applications: Vinyl flooring is frequently used in healthcare facilities because it is nearly impervious to water, offering a significant sanitary advantage over other flooring material. These characteristics are particularly important in hospital rooms, extended care facilities, nursing homes and day care centers. Vinyl floor installations offer sealed or welded seams that prevent contaminants from being lodged in the seam area. And with fewer seams than most other hard surface floors, bacteria has fewer places to hide and grow. Disinfectant cleaners can provide a sterile surface without damaging the floor. In addition, most stains can be easily removed. For hypersensitive people, where mold allergies may be a problem, vinyl flooring offers advantages as well. Vinyl flooring can be cleaned without dispersing high levels of mould into air.
At Floor style, we provide unique floorings for hospitals, clinics & nursing homes. vinyl floorings can be used in any area of hospital - busy corridors, wards, OT's, radiology departments & wet areas. It ensures an anti-microbial, durable & hygienic textile floor for waiting areas, offices, corridors & wards.