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Door Mats

Up to 80% of interior dust and soil is brought into the building on foot traffic. By using an effective mat at your entrance, you can ensure that the majority of dirt will be stopped at the entrance. This reduces the need for floor cleaning and maintenance significantly. It is recommended as an ideal to have a minimum of 12 - 14 feet of matting at your premises entrance. This allows each foot to make contact with the entrance mat at least 3 times. This length of entrance mat will ensure the majority of dirt, grit, dust and moisture is removed from foot traffic. Door mats are perfect for helping to protect the floor from scratches, dents and also wear and tear. They are very absorbent and help to control dust, moisture and dirt from being brought into your home or business. Mats are also helpful because they help you to have a place to stand on an otherwise slippery surface.

    Quality entrance mats and door mats are designed to :

  • Remove dirt, grit, dust and moisture from shoes
  • Prevent debris from travelling into your premises
  • Make entrance areas look clean and tidy
  • Reduce slip hazards
  • Reduce wear and tear of the floor.