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Wall to Wall Carpets

Carpet is aesthetic and affordable and its also a great way to save some energy. Wall to wall carpet covers the entire space with no gaps; this maintains warmth during winter months, and cooler space during summer.

  • Prevents Trips and falls
  • Insulates, for a balanced temperature
  • Reduces noise
  • Lessens impacts of falls
  • Can lessen the chance of glasses and valuables breaking when dropped
  • Affordable – many price ranges, colors and styles to choose from
  • Perfect for children’s rooms

Center Spread Carpets or Rugs

Area rugs have many advantages. They can cover stains or worn out sections in old wall-to-wall carpet as well as add warmth and an extra layer of insulation.

  • Can also add pattern and color to a room, as this type of carpet flooring doesn't have to be in a neutral color to provide good looks or value.
  • Area rugs can move from home to home and room to room. For instance, living room area rugs that begin to show a little wear can move to a family room
  • Available in variety of colours, sizes, ,thickness, shapes like rectangular, square, round and oval, depending on the place to spread.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles can be used in so many different ways to create a stand out, artistic effect or installed to look as though just one piece of commercial flooring has been used in the space. Design features are somewhat limited when using broadloom carpet. carpet tiles offer so much more flexibility in terms of design and can create an inspirational, original and fresh appearance and It is the surface that is most subjected to wear and tear in an interior space, it is that the floor withstands the roughest treatment. Rather than having to replace an entire floor with traditional broadloom carpet, individual or sections of modular carpet tiles can be replaced and this eliminates the expense of having to replace an entire floor of carpet.

Janamaz :

Mosque Rugs, commonly called as JANAMAZ, comes normally in 1.20 mtr width and 30.5 mtr length. The carpet is mainly made of synthetic fibers such as acrylic, bcf and heatset. The main advantages of these carpets are easy installation and cleaning, more cushion effect due to thick pile height, long lasting, no bad odour or smell since it is made up of synthetic fibers. At Floorstyle, Mosque rugs are available in different colors and designs.